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10/08/2010 Customer : C. Hansen
"This is the feedback I received from a client regarding his transportation I organized using NYG Limousines. 1) We arrived to NYC 20 minutes late. 2) The chauffeur was on time and waiting for us with a paper with our last name. I would suggest, for security purposes, two things: a) you should let the customer know the name and/or a photo of the chauffeur that will pick them up, and b) the sign (paper) with our last name should have the logo of the company responsible. 3) The chauffeur was kind of in a bad mood... we jaywalked two stop signs (red lights) to get to the suburban he had. There was no greeting; no exchange of words. 4) The chauffeur was in a hurry! He was honking several cars (seemed rude to me), and was speeding in the highway! My wife and I got a bit scared, and put our seat belts on (the chauffeur did not, and the suburban kept on making that annoying noise for him to strap up). He didn't anyways... 5) We were happy to find some water bottles for us (we think...) we didn't help ourselves since: a) the chauffeur did not tell us it was for us, and b) one of the water bottles was already opened! 6) I must be honest with you, I wasn't really happy with the service, and the tip I gave the chauffeur was not very gratifying... "


10/06/2010 Customer : j. paoli
"Nice , fast , save ...perfect match ."
Limo Service Response: "Thank you so much for your comment and feed back. Looking forward to see you soon! Regards, NYG"