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Vip Clubbing  provided by M&M Limousine Service - 20 reviews

6 hours of service. Complimentary mini bar in the limousine. No cover charge into 3 clubs (till 12:00am). Open bar at select clubs. Available clubs for this package: Fridays - crobar; transit; ohm, v live. Saturdays - republic; green dolphin; red dog.

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Reviews for M&M Limousine Service - 20 reviews

Customer: E. Paliakas
"Vehicle was fabulous, perfect for our needs. Our driver Henry was friendly and professional. The only drawback was he took a route that didn't appear to account for traffic; we left our house assuming we could get to our reservation in 50 minutes and it took 90. Everything worked out fine and as mentioned, he was very friendly and helpful, so no harm done. We would book with you again!"

Customer: K. Dolsen
"Vehicle was nice. Guy was on time and nice. I was disappointed he took a tip from our guest since the idea was to have the whole experience taken care of."