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Bachelor/Bachelorette Party 480 744 5466  provided by Limoz - 21 reviews

Last nite out party packages. vip@ the liveliest hotspots. We specialize in two-for-one bachelor/bachelorette party packages. / 480-744-5466 480-744-5466 480-744-5466

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Reviews for Limoz - 21 reviews

08/05/2014 Customer : P. Mayancsik
"I had an awesome experience with LIMOZ ( – Phoenix, AZ. Background: An ‘ol high school buddy (and family) where visiting Phoenix for a week, and ‘we’ scheduled time together, for a day, of eats/treats/site seeing and being…. Merry. Additionally, I have two cousins that live in the greater Phoenix area, and since family does not see each other enough, I chimed them in if they wanted to play. OUCH!! How do you consolidate travel and scheduling in/around the Phoenix area with seven people (later growing to eight people). I visited an ‘ol trustee web-site (, queried against Phoenix, day, time, and for seven PPL. If you have an account with, you know that the competition gets going rather quickly. The E-Mails and phone calls started coming in regarding rates and the best service around (A bit of a hassle if you are not prepared to make a commitment but, a good thing if you are…..). I noted an E-Mail from LIMOZ (different format, more personalized and reviewed it). The E-Mail included a rate for 15 hours, and to call for details. I then sifted through various voicemails. I connected via phone with LIMOZ, and BING!!! I committed. The Chauffeur (Wendi) and I worked together on specifics (routine policy) and itinerary. The reservation process is prompt and professional. The individual chauffeur confirmed via E-Mail and text message a day or two prior so I would have their contact info and full understanding of our commitments. The chauffer arrived on time (early) and patiently waited for all of us (pick-ups/drop-offs) and was extremely flexible in the days itinerary. The chauffeurs H2 Hummer ‘streeeeech’ was extremly clean and well cared for, and as the owner of the limo service, provided that little bit of extra care only local business owners can. It was all really seamless. LIMOZ is a professional service, has technology (constant communications), and provides safety & comfort. In summary, I cannot say enough good things about LIMOZ. In any company it's rare to find flawless customer service. LIMOZ treated me and guests like a VIP all-day-long. Wendi and her ‘streeeeech’ turned what could have been a travelling tragedy into a very comfortable experience. I was amazed at how Wendi (a petite woman - my opinion) could put the 'streeeeech' anywhere she wanted to put it. Overall, I think LIMOZ is fabulous and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone I know that is going to the Phoenix area needing a car service."


03/17/2014 Customer : E. K
"I just wanted to thank you for last night. You were so wonderful to do business with. I will definitely come back again. You’re AWESOME!"