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Night Out In The Big Easy  provided by Limousine Livery - 16 reviews

This package has been created for those who want to experience the new orleans area in style, comfort and safety with a professional and knowledgable chauffeur and immaculate luxury vehicle. our staff is available 24 hours a day to assist you as you plan your night out and we are excited to get the opportunity to wow you with our service! Go ahead...stretch your legs

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Reviews for Limousine Livery - 16 reviews

Customer: s. sibrel

Customer: s. mitchell
"I had never booked a limo and was very unsure that I had reached a reputable company and a limo would really show up, but my calls and all of my questions were professionally taken care of and every one I spoke to did all they could to assure me it would be ok. And it was! The driver arrived early, was extremely courteous and helpful, I received advance notice and a number to call to speak to the driver or dispatch, and again they were professional and made me feel at ease. I would recommend this service to anyone and group servicing the New Orleans area are the best! Thank you for helping me give my son and my new daughter in law a great start to their honeymoon!!!!"