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KLTS Transportation is a leading limousine and car service company with a complete fleet of alternative fuel, Hybrid and compressed natural gas powered luxury sedans, limousines, SUVs and motor coaches. Founded in 2008, KLTS continues to employ new fuel efficient, eco-friendly automotive technologies as they become available. Our client roster includes Fortune 1000 companies and some of the largest film studios and entertainment industry leaders. For reliable chauffeur driven transportation, KLTS has you covered. We are able to assist you with your reservations 24x7 more

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05/28/2014 Customer : E. King


05/25/2014 Customer : w. mcclain


05/15/2014 Customer : L. Peniche
"Never spoke to me. Chewed on his nails for the entire 2.5 hour drive. Was not confident on the freeway. Turned his head scanning the road the entire time. I was uneasy. "


06/08/2013 Customer : M. Limas
"It is very unfortunate having to write up this review but I truly feel I have to voice my concerns to make other consumers aware. My wife and I, along with our two young children were very excited for our very first trip to New York. Waiting for our ride anxiously the driver arrived on time. He was well-dressed, very professional and cordial. As we introduced ourselves, we had asked a fairly simple question regarding delayed flights and extra fees since we had discovered an hour earlier our flight had been delayed. The gentleman excused himself to contact his dispatch to find out some information we had requested. When he returned, he stated that dispatch suggested we reschedule our pick up at a later time and that he had been sent to another location for another pick up leaving us with no ride to the airport. As the driver leaves, my wife receives a call from dispatch stating our service has been canceled and to reschedule at a later time for an "additional" fee. And this is where the conversation becomes "ugly..." Dispatch assumed we were canceling our service since our flight was delayed and sent the driver to another pick up. After a few minutes of heated conversation, I had finally canceled the whole service and took my losses...which I will be disputing upon returning from our trip. As for our review: - The Driver: Very professional and cordial (4 Stars) - The Vehicle: Full size SUV (looked very clean outside but not able to comment on the interior since we never got in although it looked comfortable) (3 Stars) - Vehicle Amenities: No review since we never stepped in - Customer Service (or lack thereof): Very unprofessional, unaccommodating, unhelpful and unreasonable. (0 Stars) *It's unfortunate to have given them such a bad review due to one person who is the very first point of contact to the customer and who represent the company name KLTS Transportation. Maybe it was just a bad day for him but bad first impression on us...the customer."
Limo Service Response: "This Customer Never booked through Limos.com. They expected the car to wait 1.5 hours after arrival for Free. We agreed to Cancel there current reservation and book them again after 1.5 half and charge them only $30 dollars which they Didn't like. They Threaten me with ruining our reputation if I don't give them it for free. I am sorry but I don't like that kind of business"

07/09/2012 Customer : L. P
"I Love this Company!!!! I have used them 3 times now and it is the best service and coolest trucks. I used them this past weekend for a night on the town with my out of town guests and I was so proud of the service. I had bragged about them to my guests and KLTS didn't let me down. Please support Eco-friendly companies whenever you can. Please support KLTS when you need a ride for a night on the town or an airport trip. TWO THUMBS UP!!!!"


07/09/2012 Customer : D. F
"Being from New York City, King of Black Car Services I had no idea finding a consistently reliable chauffeur service in LA would prove to be such a challenge. This company's drivers are polished, the cars are pristine and the service is impeccable. KLTS won over this New Yorker."


07/09/2012 Customer : M. A
"KLTS is a very reliable car service. From using them for personal to professional purposes, I have never been disappointed in the way that I am treated. They are punctual, and treat their customers very well. One of our drivers, Kent, is probably the friendliest guys ever! By using KTLS, not only will you be satisfied with their service, but will be using a carbon-neutral business, helping the environment. "



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