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6 Hours in a Stretch Limo to make your son or daughters ultimate night, a night he/she will never forget. A professional driver to attend to the details and provide first class service to your kid.


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08/10/2014 Customer : G. Bishop
"Joe from JBL went beyond our expectations to be sure all our airport transportation needs were met. Joe is personable and professional. We were not only well served but for the first time ever actually enjoyed the trip to and from the airport"


05/23/2014 Customer : L. Mizell


05/22/2014 Customer : T. Pellerin


05/21/2014 Customer : t. benedict
"Both of our drivers were very nice and friendly, but not very helpful with the luggage. *NOTE: Both drivers did help with luggage at airport, but not at our home. No driver has ever offered us a bottle of water (as advertised). Our limo on return part of trip seemed to have a broken spring issue on rear right cushion. Pretty uncomfortable ride. I was, quite frankly disappointed in the quality of the car-neither car seemed that 'fresh'. This was my second time to use your service, and I would probably hesitate to book again."


05/17/2014 Customer : B. Goodwin
"The driver was on time and very polite. He answered any question we had and I would recommend them to anybody who asked."


05/16/2014 Customer : M. Fuller


05/16/2014 Customer : K. Gonzalez
"We were charged $3.52 in tolls on both trips we took, but our driver did not drive on any toll roads on either trip. If an additional charge was going to be added, we should have been notified first and these charges should have been disclosed when we made the reservation."


05/14/2014 Customer : J. Metcalf-Kelly
"The driver I had was obese with very loud breathing that sounded like he was in respiratory distress. He also made the statement 'somebody needs a nap' and then shook his head like he was trying to wake himself up. Very disconcerting . It is very likely this driver has Obstructive Sleep Apnea and doesn't sleep well at night and experiences severe daytime sleepiness. I am a physician and I see this type of patient frequently. Patients with OSA are at great risk for motor vehicle accidents. I will not book with JBL again because of my concern over safety. "


05/10/2014 Customer : F. Opitz


04/27/2014 Customer : R. Russell
"The service was as expected. We got to the airport and home again. The driver was helpful, courteous and most importantly on time."


04/18/2014 Customer : M. Mitchell
"Was charged $4.00 for parking at DAL. Not sure if I was supposed to pay that. I thought the price included everything. I'm going to book again and see if I get charged for that again."


04/16/2014 Customer : l. Berge


04/11/2014 Customer : K. Chen


04/10/2014 Customer : J. Green
"Everything was great. Driver wonderful."


04/08/2014 Customer : D. Williams


04/07/2014 Customer : R. Seabaugh
"The driver didn't meet us inside the terminal on arrival and we had to wait 15 minutes for him. That's wasn't a big deal-I tipped him extra so we'd get good service the next day-until the ride back to the airport. Joe, our driver, was very rude and told us we could go with someone else-it didn't matter to him because he'd already been paid. This was due to a timing mix-up. I was polite with him and he was yelling at me with my 17 year old son in the back. This was supposed to be a vacation-terrible ending. I would never use this service again. I was very happy with the on-line service so maybe you could direct me to another company. Rudeness is bad enough-but even worse when you have to pay for it! Thank you"


04/07/2014 Customer : D. Lyles
"Driver was a few minutes late due to morning traffic"


04/05/2014 Customer : A. Marple
"Driver was not familiar with terminal D and was waiting for us outside the gate number we arrived from, not outside international baggage claim. Also, he did not pick us up in the limo pick up area, he made us walk to the parking garage. Normally not a big deal except we had just finished a 13 hour flight. He was very nice, though."


04/05/2014 Customer : j. smith


04/04/2014 Customer : J. Brounoff
"See above. Without realizing it until it was too late, we would up double booked with 2 limo companies as a result of confusing booking through Limos.com, and never rode in the JBL vehicle."


03/31/2014 Customer : D. Roberson
"My wife was picked up by your driver in Dallas and she texted me saying, 'I'm in the car and the Driver is a great guy. I would like to thank your company and your driver for making this a good experience for her. "


03/28/2014 Customer : J. Bass
"Superb driver; clean car, right on time. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. "


03/28/2014 Customer : J. Prescott


03/26/2014 Customer : P. May
"When I arrived at DFW, I texted my driver to tell him I was early. He replied by texting me that he would be at the limo stand in the E terminal. I texted him back that I was in the A terminal. He did not reply. Once I had my bag, I called him to tell him I was in the A terminal, and I then had to wait for him to drive around to me. I think he should have known which terminal I was in, and he certainly should have been there after I texted him to tell him."


03/24/2014 Customer : K. Shumway
"Saleem was an excellent driver and he went above and beyond to take care of us and to get us to our destination. Vehicle in very good condition. I will use him again when I make a trip to Dallas and recommend to my friends."


03/18/2014 Customer : S. Parks


03/16/2014 Customer : P. Roddy
"Both drivers and vechicles were in excellent condition. A special thank you to Jose who waited in the cold for my daughter and me. Will definitely use them again when in the Dallas area."


03/15/2014 Customer : C. Hassman
"Both drivers were great and helped with all the baggage and getting us to our drop off on time."


03/12/2014 Customer : J. Drinnon


03/12/2014 Customer : H. Conrad


03/08/2014 Customer : T. Groom
"Driver drove about 85 miles an hour. We were at the airport in 30 minutes. Even my teenage son who is 17 said that was 'a scary ride.' Driver has a medical condition that made him sound like he was snoring behind the wheel. He made no attempt of any kind of conversation. In fact, he didn't answer anything I asked or said. I do not want driver to know I complained as he knows where I live. It was an unpleasant trip to say the least. I had an excellent experience back in December with your company and another driver that is why I contacted you last week. "


03/06/2014 Customer : N. Olmstead


02/12/2014 Customer : B. Youngman


01/18/2014 Customer : J. Cagianello


01/17/2014 Customer : R. Goolesby
"DO NOT send a driver that is sick with the flu, who is coughing and hacking and can barely breathe. I'm sorry but for your information if you still show symptoms you are still contagious . This was a business trip for us and we like to not be obviously exposed when possible. People need to learn how their illness can infect other people. I was very upset."


01/06/2014 Customer : K. Smith
"The driver was sick.. he as coughing, wiping his nose, clearing his throat -- I had to roll the window down to avoid getting sick... it was cold outside.. It did not work.. I am now on a 2 week business trip and yes, you guessed it -- SICK!!!"


01/05/2014 Customer : P. pinsonneault
"driver drove eratic, speed up to 70 slow down to 60 , continuously ( obviously unaware of what cruise control is for, I started getting motion sickness , told him to stop doing that, pick up was for 5:30am he showed up 5:05 am , we were not ready , rushed around , ended up forgeting documents in Dallas ... very polite, said 5-6 words total, no radio on , "


01/03/2014 Customer : B. DOMHOLT


01/03/2014 Customer : K. MItchell
"The driver was on time, followed the specific instructions, and was very courteous."


01/03/2014 Customer : G. McMartin
"Limo was very dirty! Ceiling was gross, stained. There was crepe paper used as missing trim, which when lifted up revealed damage, exposed materials. Driver seemed disinterested, bored and not that friendly! Ive booked transportation many times before using Limos.com and have never had such a negative experience. If this had been my first time w/your services, it's very likely it would have been my last!"


01/02/2014 Customer : C. Andrews


01/01/2014 Customer : W. Schneider


12/31/2013 Customer : J. Johnson
"Great Driver to bring in the New Year"


12/22/2013 Customer : D. Ball
"Driver refused to answer phone prior to scheduled pick up time. Called office and they notified driver to call me. Finally got a call at scheduled pick up time. Driver kept insisting to know my flight schedule instead of answering my question, "when will you be here"? Finally he said, " maybe in 20 minutes or more. I called office again and they said the driver was late due to "weather". Well, there was NO "weather" situation that day and they could not forecast his arrival time. I ended up driving to the airport at a cost of parking of over $270.00 for my 10 day trip. NEVER USE THIS SERVICE!!!"


12/15/2013 Customer : T. Groom
"Jose G. was professional, kind, funny and a safe driver. I have had other limo experiences with different companies in the past and I can honestly say, this was probably the best all around experience. Thank You Very Much!!"


12/07/2013 Customer : J. Fournier


09/16/2013 Customer : N. Luviano
"I was very satisfied with the limo and the service. The white stretch limo that we got was cool and in good condition. The service provided by our driver Ruben, was outstanding. He was very polite, dressed professionally, opened the door for us, etc. He was even early when he picked us up. Even though the tip was included in our pre-paid rate, my fiancé was so satisfied that he gave the driver a little extra tip. I will definitely book with them again. "


06/26/2013 Customer : L. Allen
"Jose, our driver arrived early and texted me that he was waiting outside. Once we got in the limo, Jose asked us about our itinerary for the evening and was very upbeat about our plans. We were celebrating my daughter's 21st birthday and made a couple stops in different parts of the city. He was great! And we had a blast! Thank you JBL and thank you Jose! Although my daughter only turns 21 once.... You never know when we might need a limo again. When we do..... I will be calling JBL!"
Limo Service Response: "Thank you for letting us be a part of your special night. We look forward to your next celebration."

06/22/2013 Customer : S. Muzzy
"Used JBL to get my son from school to the airport. Great service!"
Limo Service Response: "Thank You, we look forward to taking you son back to school next term."

06/07/2013 Customer : N. Moreau


01/06/2013 Customer : T. Wilbert
"Joe was my driver and he arrived early and was extremely courteous and professional. I would definitely use them again! I was very pleased with the service. "


12/31/2012 Customer : K. Spinks
"My parents loved their ride to go look at Christmas lights! Assad was a very proficient driver who drove smoothly, navagated the traffic well, and was knowledgeable about where the best places were to go to look at the lights. He was friendly and thoughtful, and they felt very comfortable with him. They very much would like to use Assad again. Thanks for a very memorable 50th anniversary for my sweet parents:-)"
Limo Service Response: "It was nice to be a part of such a great celebration. thanks for the nice words, and Assad is ready for the next time that you need him."

10/28/2012 Customer : B. Packer
"50% success rate. The ride to the airport was perfect, driver called us to let us know traffic was heavy and suggesting we leave a few minutes earlier. He was curteous and helpful. Ride back was a disaster. Same company, same driver. We called the day before to confirm. Our flight was 20 minutes early, driver was 15 minutes later from our original time (meaning 35 minutes late). The owner was completely unhelpful and basically told me he was "running late". Driver had a variety of excuses, his first ride was late, he was at the wrong terminal, etc. etc. etc. At 6am after taking the red eye and having travelled from Asia for the last 2 days, you don't want excuses you just want to be picked up and taken home."


10/18/2012 Customer : C. Bell
"Joe G was my driver and provided me with an excellent first time experience with a private car service. He was on time for both the trip from and back to the airport. The texting system truly makes it convenient to communicate with the driver. The car was clean, there were magazines to read if desired. He was very professional and respectful of me needing to tend to computer work and thus not trying to carry on a conversation while I was trying to check or answer emails. And finally the cost was extremely reasonable."
Limo Service Response: "Thanks for the kind words, part of our job is to make sure your ready for the day ahead, whether it be a meeting, vacation, dinner party or just getting home after a long trip. "

08/22/2012 Customer : V. JACKSON
"My husband and I used this company on 8/18/2012 and 8/21/2012 for airport drop off and pick up the service was great. The driver was very nice and professional and on time.We had a problem with our bags at baggage claims and the driver was so patient as we waited. I would certainly use and recommend this service again and again..(PS GREAT PRICE)..."
Limo Service Response: "Thanks for the kind words. It was a pleasure to serve you and your husband. We hope to see you on your next trip."

08/03/2012 Customer : M. Steed
"Fabulous service! Used them to the airport and then again two weeks later when we returned. The driver was on time and so helpful with my luggage and kids. Would use them again without a doubt!"
Limo Service Response: "Thank You "