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Concert Special  provided by Giuberti Limo - 32 reviews

Giuberti limousines chauffeured transportation to provide professionally chauffeured concert limousine service to your favorite rock concerts and special performances, and many of our favorite restaurants, hotels, and entertainmet.

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Reviews for Giuberti Limo - 32 reviews

05/29/2014 Customer : B. Zsigalov
"Driver arrived 1 1/2 hours late. 10 Teens were late to their prom by 1 hour !!!!! the missed all the pre-dinner photos and gathering. The limo company itself I will never select again. Poor planning onn the driver's part. He knew where he was picking up and how far it was to event (because we have spoken earlier in the day and I gave him mileage to event from pick-up spot and reaffirmed what time everything was and time of pick-up). He should have taken into consideration what time he was leaving his location to get to pick-up location (pick-up was to be at 5:30 - he arrived at 7:10 ... prom started at 7). He should have planned for rush hour traffic. I am very upset about the whole thing. I was standing there with 10 teens wondering if I should just try to find another ride or continue to wait. Finally called customer service and they were told by limo company that they 'just found out about the ride' that day - which was a lie because I had also been in contact with limo co"


05/16/2014 Customer : J. Cassidy
"Thank you.. The kids had a great time.. I love the fact that your driver was early.. keep you in folder for next year... Robyn"