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Ez Wedding Limo Service  provided by E Z Limousine Service - 40 reviews

Ez wedding limousine services give you a very special moment! we provide a full support for your wedding. you can choose a stretched limousine model or a more simple size. let us help you make your wedding as wonderful and as stress free as possible.

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Reviews for E Z Limousine Service - 40 reviews

Customer: a. molina
"Regarding E3TWBT. We received an email on 2/12 indicating 'Mr. R' would be our driver and could be contacted at 206-370-2121. No Mr. R. He never materialized nor did he ever answer his phone . Voicemail was never an option as it just rang. I eventually called, 949-236-2110 and spoke to Marcus and explained our predicament. He too tried numerous times to reach the driver and the limo company, but to no avail. He was apologetic, but could not resolve the situation other than to say he would forward the case to customer service who, I was told, would call me in 3-5 business days to discuss the matter. I asked Marcus to cancel the ride scheduled from the hotel back to the airport on 2/15 as I did not trust the driver would arrive. Instead I had to hire a shuttle company to drive us from the airport on the day of arrival (after waiting for resolution for about an hour at the airport) and a ride from the hotel to the airport on 2/15. I expect a full refund of the charges on my car"

Customer: J. Hansen
"I have used EZ Limousine Service several times now and have never had any problems. They are always punctual and courteous and make the ride to and from the airport a very relaxing experience."