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Discount Sedan & Limousine Offering Chauffured Ground Transportation To & From All Major Airports & Cruise Lines, Point To Point & Hourly Services in New Sedans & Suv's Thru Out Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County & San Bernadino County, A service that you can count on to be ontime & Professional. more

Our Limo Rental Fleet  

Luxury Sedan - Mercedes Benz S-Class (Black)

4 customer capacity
2013 Mercedes Benz S550 AMG


Sedan - Lincoln MKZ - Standard (Black)

4 customer capacity
The New 2014 Lincoln MKZ Luxury Sedan, This is the Vechile that Replaced the Limousine Indursty Outdated Lincoln Towncar, Luxury, Elgance and style has arrived at your Front Door Step.


Sedan - Chrysler 300 (Black)

4 customer capacity
2014 Black Chrysler 300


Sedan - Lincoln Town Car (Black)

4 customer capacity
2011 Black Lincoln Towncar


SUV - Chevrolet Suburban (Black)

7 customer capacity
2015 Chevy Suburban New Body Style


SUV - Chevrolet Suburban (Black)

7 customer capacity
2014 Chevy Suburban will handle all your Luggage needs and up to 7 passengers


Our Limo Services Packages  

1 Hour Free

1 hour free with a min of 5 hours booking Monday thru Thursday on Hourly Service


Rider Ratings

08/09/2014 Customer : k. plank


08/01/2014 Customer : N. Gilbert
"Our driver, Justin L., did a great job. He actually arrived very early, 5:00 am, even though our pick up time was at 7:15 am. So I was very relieved to know that he was actually waiting for us. Our ride to LAX went smoothly. He is a very personable and polite young man. I would love to have him again as our driver."


06/02/2014 Customer : D. Frye
"My Family & I were very happy. The communication, the drivers and services we received was EXCELLENT. Will definitely use this service again. Thank you."


05/31/2014 Customer : K. Gardener


05/30/2014 Customer : S. Darling
"Excellent service and great communication through text messages about status and arrival."


05/23/2014 Customer : S. Minor
"We were extremely pleased with our driver Brandon. He was courteous, helpful, timely, dressed professionally. All around great driver. Car was excellent, very clean, comfortable, seemed to be in excellent mechanical condition. Very pleased with Discount Sedan and Brandon."


05/22/2014 Customer : Y. Kolle-Fagan
"The driver was wonderful and very real."


05/19/2014 Customer : F. Totta


05/18/2014 Customer : R. Lee


05/17/2014 Customer : L. Ramirez
"Driver was excellent very friendly, on time & safe."


05/16/2014 Customer : C. Coppel


05/16/2014 Customer : t. pugliese


05/11/2014 Customer : G. Sturgess


05/10/2014 Customer : S. Trana
"Everything was easy and perfect, the driver was great. Our flight was delayed and you guys were so accommodating!"


05/05/2014 Customer : D. Urban


05/03/2014 Customer : V. Ross
"The driver was prompt and courteous. The vehicle was spacious and immaculate. A very positive experience."


04/18/2014 Customer : A. Miller


04/13/2014 Customer : L. Martin
"Very personable and professional. "


04/09/2014 Customer : M. Wagner
"Randy did an outstanding job - great communications from the time we walked off the plane. He was waiting right there when we walked out the terminal door. Smooth ride in a clean comfortable vehicle. Would highly recommend."


04/09/2014 Customer : A. Bailey


04/08/2014 Customer : D. MacVICAR


04/05/2014 Customer : J. Hammond


04/03/2014 Customer : H. Becker
"Great driver and ride. The check engine light was on, which was a little worrisome but no problems on the ride."


03/31/2014 Customer : C. Custer
"Clyde W. was a very polite and impressive young man. He did an excellent job."


03/29/2014 Customer : C. Culpepper


03/29/2014 Customer : D. Gaskin
"Drivers insisted on a tip when it has already been included in price."


03/24/2014 Customer : D. Paley
"We were pleased with the driver and vehicle. He got us there very quickly. It was a quiet ride as we left at 5:00 am. My one and only complaint would be that he played the radio quite loud and had it on a new only station. The topic almost the whole way to the airport was the disappearance of the Malaysian airline. This is not what I wanted to listen to for 30 minutes prior to flying myself nor was all the doom and gloom news something my children wanted to hear either."


03/19/2014 Customer : R. Lidov
"Clyde was fantastic. Would request him in the future."


03/18/2014 Customer : n. turner
"Lovely driver- professional , on time , careful driver Provided water and hard candies. Couldn't have Been better. Car clean and shiny !"


03/17/2014 Customer : D. Fox
"Each driver was quite professional and personable. We enjoyed the experience."


03/17/2014 Customer : J. Lascher


03/16/2014 Customer : K. Fleig
"Beautiful cars, excellent driver (Parris), professional, on time, pleasant."


03/16/2014 Customer : A. Ponce
"Our driver Parris was very polite and friendly. He was able to accomodate the fact that we we arrived early to the airport. "


03/13/2014 Customer : R. Cremer


03/13/2014 Customer : S. Mahaney
"Our driver Parris was awesome! Excellent communication prior to pick-up and fantastic personality, once we met in person. We even booked again and requested him! Service was timely and the car was in good shape! "


03/10/2014 Customer : S. Hamil


03/08/2014 Customer : B. Khan
"Just a quick note to say what a wonderful experience we had with your service! Our driver, Randy, was THE BEST! He drove us both from the airport to our hotel and then returned us to LAX during peak traffic on a Monday morning safely and with ample time to catch our return flight. He was friendly, helpful and gave us answers to our many and varied questions and we would absolutely recommend both your service and him. Thank you for making our arrival and departure in Los Angeles a most pleasurable experience!"


03/08/2014 Customer : R. Glide
"Driver at Discount Limo needed to pay attention to services requesed. Paid for in airport meet. Met driver at curbside. Paid $15 to meet driver inside airport for pick-up. Failed to do so. Had driver home locate me outside via cell phone. Otherwise was very courteous and nice ride home."


03/06/2014 Customer : C. Wright
"Mimi was terrible, Her car smelled terrible, she was not dressed professionaly, we had to hold our luggage on our laps and she didn't know where she was going and was arguementative when we tried to help."
Limo Service Response: "We do not have a Driver named Mimi and we don't show any reservation records of picking you up or dropping you off at any airports, don't know how you were able to post this bad review about our company but it is false."

03/05/2014 Customer : C. Budd
"We had a great experience with our driver. The vehicle was larger than expected, and the ride was incredibly smooth. We got back to our hotel quickly and had a wonderful experience."


03/03/2014 Customer : C. Zimmer


02/26/2014 Customer : K. Fleig


02/24/2014 Customer : C. Drisdom
"Our Driver Randy was top of the line when it comes to Chauffeurs, very professional and very detailed, vehicle was a brand new Black 2014 sedan like we order online, had cold waters and Randy our driver was 30 minutes early picking us up, I was so impressed with this company's price and service I just had to let everybody know that you can trust Discount Sedan & Limousine for all your Transportation needs, They are awesome ! "


02/12/2014 Customer : C. Kirzner
"We chose the Suburban for our vehicle as we had 6 adults and 12 pieces of luggage. The vehicle was perfect size, everyone and everything fit just fine. Very well maintained and immaculent inside and out. Our driver was Randy, both to and from LAX Airport. He couldn't have been nicer, a true gentleman and a pleasure to have him as our driver. He was right on time, both times, and my family and I felt like we've known him for years. I highly recommend Discount Sedan & Limousine and if you happen to get Randy as a driver, tell him I said hello."


01/31/2014 Customer : D. Tropp
"I have used your service 3 times since my first experience last October and I am VERY happy – great service at a very competitive price. Drivers have always been on time (actually early), helped with getting my luggage in the car and were very pleasant and courteous. I have already recommended your company to family friends and plan to continue. Thank you for the world class service that you have provided to me. Best regards"


01/25/2014 Customer : T. Speights
"I've rented out from a lot of different companies before and Discount Sedan & Limousine was the best chauffeured service I've used yet. The price was right and the quality of service was even better. Our driver Clyde arrived early and was very accommodating. Thanks to you guys I had a great trip, thank you so much and I would highly recommend your services! I will definitely book with Discount Sedan & Limousine in the future! Thanks again"


01/24/2014 Customer : S. Khan
"The service was perfect, Driver was ontime and very professional, car was brand new and what I order online and Driver new where He was going, I will always use Discount Sedan & Limousine when I come into Orange County."


01/21/2014 Customer : T. Speights
"My driver, Brandon was 15 minutes early! I was so anxious about the pickup time. He was early and let me focus on last minute items. Great and relaxing drive to LAX. I will definitely call Discount Sedan for my next our of town meeting. "


01/19/2014 Customer : K. Clemens
"This Company is very professional and respectful of your needs. They arrived timely and kept us up to date on their expected arrival time via text and phone messages. I would highly recommend their services!"


01/18/2014 Customer : V. Delgado
"Julius was on time, polite, a very good driver and was very happy with him getting us to our destination. "


01/18/2014 Customer : D. Jafri
"Our driver Parris was great. Excellent communication led to a seamless pick up. He engaged, pleasant and we got from LAX to zip code 90026 in under 30 minutes. Highly recommend!"


01/16/2014 Customer : N. Rosenberg


01/16/2014 Customer : J. Flowers


01/15/2014 Customer : S. Ferraiuolo


01/13/2014 Customer : S. Mackin
"Have a water bottle available. The car smelled fruity and I have to give the driver directions back to the freeway. Not great."
Limo Service Response: "The driver know where the freeway is, the client told him to take a different route to the freeway. The waters were in the cup holder in center console, once you raised the console you didn't see the water. For future reference ask the driver when the water is not visible."

01/12/2014 Customer : M. Basrawi


01/10/2014 Customer : C. Nelson
"The service was excellent as well as the driver who arrived early and was professional and courteous. I will definitely recommend this service"


01/10/2014 Customer : E. Nowicki


01/09/2014 Customer : M. Leeper
" "I recently used this service for my boss and He had nothing but great things to say. I'm happy to write this review as this service has made my life a lot simpler. Thank you to the chauffeur Brandon at Discount Sedan & Limousine!"


01/07/2014 Customer : L. Rynearson
"Total Professional experience. Great driver and an overall good job. The equipment was top notch and very comfortable."


01/04/2014 Customer : G. Sansom
" I was very skeptical on using a service to pick up my daughter from the airport, but I had no choice since work schedule became hectic, anyhow I contacted Discount Sedan & Limousine and they were great from start to finish. Very friendly staff and my daughter told me that driver Randy was very professional and easy to locate, He opened doors and loaded Her luggage and made her feel at ease since it was the first time she had to take a car service. Will definitely recommend and use again. Thanks. "


01/04/2014 Customer : T. Hamar
""I use a limo service on average once a month. This was one time that my expectations were exceeded. They were prompt, communicative, and personable. The vehicle was neat, clean, and comfortable again exceeding my expectations. This will be my preference of services in the Orange County area from now on and I will recommend this company to all my friends. I travel frequently and will recommend Discount Sedan & Limousine to each person I meet on their way to the Orange County area." "


01/04/2014 Customer : G. Sansom


01/04/2014 Customer : A. Kane
"the driver going to the port and returning home from the port were both excellent, extraordinaire and extremely helpful. "


01/03/2014 Customer : J. Schramm
"Parris B was excellent. Flight arrived 1 hour early and he was there. Will definitely use again. "


12/30/2013 Customer : K. Pinsley
""Discount Sedan & Limousine has been reliable and drivers are a pleasant to deal with. I use them often and would recommend them over any other service in Los Angeles on, Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity " "


12/30/2013 Customer : K. Darling


12/30/2013 Customer : C. Culpepper
"I was very impressed by Discount Sedan's service from beginning to end. The car was new, clean, and had features I hadn't seen in limos before. My driver, Parris, was extremely friendly and professional and we had a great conversation on the way to my destination. I would highly recommend them to a friend and plan to use their services again in the future."


12/29/2013 Customer : L. Detering


12/24/2013 Customer : B. DADA
"Very nice driver. Prompt and very professional"


12/19/2013 Customer : D. W
"Excellent experience. Parris arrived 30 minutes early because it was raining out and then took me around the back of LAX because there was major traffic at the entrance - probably shaved 20 minutes off the trip. Would absolutely use them again."


12/18/2013 Customer : R. Gill
""In the past, employees at our company have used car services from a handful of vendors (who were mediocre at BEST) to shuttle to and from airports, hotels, meetings, dinners, and other corporate events. In 2008, after connecting with Discount Sedan & Limousine, we converted all of our busines over to Discount Sedan & Limousine and they have delivered excellent service from day 1. Our executives, our staff, and even our outside guests have complimented the outstanding service from Discount Sedan & Limousine. From an admin perspective, we are happy to do business with such a responsive, professional, and courteous company. Our company highly recommends Discount Sedan & Limousine to anyone looking for such, and we would be happy to pass this information on. " "


12/17/2013 Customer : L. SMITH
"driver was very prompt courteous and accommodating Drive to airport smooth and efficient"


12/14/2013 Customer : B. Wilson
"We were very impressed with the service we received. The service was not only amazing, our driver Parris kept us laughing. We would definitely book again with company!"


12/13/2013 Customer : D. Foster
""This company is truly the top Black car service provider on I usually book for my boss who is extremely picky and so far they have not let us down. I promised I would write a review to thank them and am very happy to have discovered Discount Sedan & Limousine. Thank you! " "


12/12/2013 Customer : J. Reilly
""I've had many excellent experiences using, but I'd have to say my experience with Discount Sedan & Limousine exceeded my high expectations. My vehicle was imaculately clean (even though it had been raining earlier that morning), the driver Randy was extremely courteous and helpful, and He required no input in finding the best route home. The Town Car was a brand new model, was extremely clean and comfortable, and had all the expected amenities. Finally, they also had a surprisingly affordable price. I know exactly who I'll be using for my local Town Car service needs on! Thank you Discount Sedan & Limousine" "


12/12/2013 Customer : D. Foster
"Our driver Randy was very accomodating When we added two extra people and asked him to wait beyond the scheduled pickup time. Excellent service!"


12/11/2013 Customer : T. Krieger
"My Driver Randy was 15 minutes early picking me up, well dressed very professional and friendly, car was new and clean and driver had already map out directions to airport, the service I receive was 5 star and I will use Discount Sedan & Limousine next time I come into Newport Beach CA."


12/11/2013 Customer : J. Reilly
"Driver was courteous and on-time. Sedan was.clean and comfortable! No more Super Shuttle for me!"


12/09/2013 Customer : M. Bugeja
""Excellent & personable driver(Randy)....We personally use car services a lot, this is the 1st review I have given because the driver Randy stood out that much. We will definitely be using their services & requesting our driver Randy again!" "


12/09/2013 Customer : C. Schwerin
"Best car service I ever used, new super clean towncar and Driver was so professional and well dressed, Discount Sedan & Limousine is a Company that you can trust and rely on for your transportation needs."


12/03/2013 Customer : D. Harshman
"Met and exceeded all our expectations. Great job!"


12/02/2013 Customer : W. Graves
" "As a best selling fitness author I get the honor to travel all over the world and I have used several limo services. Some have been very good while others have left a lot to be desired. However, the POSITIVE experience that I had with Discount Sedan & Limousine was something that words cannot even begin to describe. First of all, the Lady that took care of me over the phone to confirm my reservation, Ms. Lisa, was extremely courteous and helpful, regardless of the fact that both times that I interacted with her were late hours at night (11pm and 2am respectively). She even remembered me, much to my surprise, when I called Her the second time, which was a few days later. As soon as I came into LA, my driver (Randy) was already waiting for me at the baggage claims. He helped us with the luggage and my fiancée and I struck a great conversation with him from the beginning. I told him how it was my fiancée's birthday and he went above and beyond the call of duty to make her day very special from the airport to the hotel. Knowing that part of the reason for our LA visit was the fact that it was my fiancée's dream to see LA, he made sure to advice her of when we were approaching some of the great sites so that she could take a picture as we were on the way to the hotel. We felt so comfortable with him that I asked him if he would be willing to use his extensive expertise of LA to give her a tour of the whole city. Needless to say, he cordially accepted and in 3 hours he gave us the most memorable tour of LA anyone can get. We were able to take pictures in every single LA city landmark. On top of that, he shared the history of every single place we visited...something that made the tour incredibly educational, interesting and special. He even sang Happy Birthday to Her. Honestly, for the tour he gave us I would have gladly paid $1000 and we got it for a fraction of that price. Needless to say, EVERY TIME that I go to LA now I use Discount Sedan & Limousine because of the fact that this company is made of genuine people that care and treat you like family. If you are coming to LA and need a top rate first class limo service, I recommend Discount Sedan & Limousine and I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. "


11/25/2013 Customer : T. Dismuke
"Excellent service! Driver was exceptionally nice and got us to the airport very quickly. Car was very new. Loved the trip to the airport. :) "


11/25/2013 Customer : E. Cheung
"I received a text from our driver Randy as soon as we landed. He was waiting for us when we arrived and we communicated by phone to find one another. He was very professional in both service and appearance. His car was immaculate and there was water waiting for us as well. I selected a Towncar and we were picked up in a new Towncar. I was very impressed with Discount Sedan & Limousine and will recommend to them all my friends and family.""


11/22/2013 Customer : S. Mcewen
"These guys give GREAT service. They are rock solid dependable -- always where they're supposed to be when they're supposed to be there. In clean, well-maintained cars with polite, friendly, and knowledgable drivers. I just send them my airline itinery and they make the reservations from there. They send an email confirmation perfectly. I've set up a direct account so there's no fuss at the end of a trip. Just a drop and a thank-you --- they bill my credit card and email the receipt. I've tried a BUNCH of different providers in Los Angeles and these guys are without question at the very top in service quality."


11/17/2013 Customer : N. Limpdaengskul
""Excellent ride; Discount Sedan & Limousine Service reconfirmed booking by email and provided name and phone-number of the driver that would wait (Randy) in case of delays . Flight was early but driver was already waiting for me; very friendly, effective and efficient staff; ride took approx 1h and drop-off was exactly where requested. Car used was very clean and comfortable. Services is absolutely recommendable " "


11/17/2013 Customer : B. Backa
"Excellent Driver, Excellent vehicle, Excellent service will use again!"


11/16/2013 Customer : M. Moore
"I work for Sony Pictures Entertainment Client Services Post Production, and we have been using Discount Sedan & Limousine for years, they are real reliable always ontime conduct them self very professional at all times and vehicles are always what we order and in top condition, office always meet I high demand last minute changes, we are real happy with Discount Sedan & Limousine and will gladly endorse this Company"


11/16/2013 Customer : P. Langley
"My Driver Clyde was wonderful and polite and Professional, ontime and help with the Lauggage and new the quickest route home, a very safe Driver and just loved the company He work for, must say very good company to do business with, Thank You Discount Sedan & Limousine for taking care of us, will use you in the future."


11/15/2013 Customer : J. Wohl
"We are a Corporate meeting planner and Intl. Travel Agency handling large Meetings and convention groups around the world. After working with Discount Sedan & Limousine in Los Angeles for the past two years, we can only express our complete satisfaction with this company. From the top management to all supervisors and drivers, their service and professionalism is very satisfactory. They are always in contact and keep us informed of every single detail, treating each of our customers exceptionally well. We will continue using their services, and will not hesitate to call them for all our future needs of transportation."


11/11/2013 Customer : N. Peterson
""I never write reviews but after using Discount Sedan & Limousine, I thought I would give it a try. It was an excellent experience. The car was ready as I came out of the airport, it was new and clean and smelled fresh. The driver was extremely poilte and helpful. About 15 minutes after I was dropped off, the front desk buzzed me and informed me that the driver came back with my cell phone that I left in the backseat. For me that was the cherry on top, I am very pleased with this service and would highly recommend it to anyone!""


11/10/2013 Customer : T. Phan
"Driver was ontime very professional looking, I would say thats what you call a professional chauffeure down to the smallest detail, hats off to Discount Sedan & Limousine for doing a outstanding job getting me home."


11/09/2013 Customer : M. Park
"Very wonderful Driver Named Clyde, got me to Airport safe and ontime, nice brand new vehicle very clean inside and out, over all service was very professnoial and five star quality."


11/04/2013 Customer : E. Reibling
"Parris was early, efficient and gracious. The vehicle was clean and comfortable, he offered us water and mints, and most importantly got us to the airport quickly. Second time we have used Discount Sedan & Limo and we are definitely going to use them again."


11/03/2013 Customer : S. Black
"I've been trying to find a limo service that was reliable, comfortable, priced correctly, and elegant for years! I've tried everyone in the LA area, and these guys are by far the best. The cars are clean and new, they're always on time, the drivers are friendly and dressed nicely - I have been using them for several months, and they have proven to be unusually dedicated to customer service. They take pride in the maintenance of their vehicles, and training of their drivers. They haven't let me down yet. I recommend Discount Sedan & Limousine to anyone looking for great limo service, "


10/31/2013 Customer : K. Dunford
"I can't say enough about Discount Sedan & Limousine, they are the best, I first use them back in July and will contiune to use them everytime we have business on the west coast, Their Drivers and Vehicles are top of the line and so Professional, I use Chauffeured Transportation all over the World for Business and also and Discount Sedan & Limousine ranks as one of the best I ever used."


10/31/2013 Customer : S. Juna
"The Driver was ontime ( 20 minutes early ) The Driver was waiting in front of Hotel Lobby where He was suppose to be, The Vehicle was a Brand new 2014 Black Lincoln Mkz Sedan and was what I booked online, The Car had cold water and candy and a newspaper, The Driver and the service was very professional and the price was real reasonable, I just Loved the service and will only use Discount Sedan & Limousine for all my business airport trips."


10/28/2013 Customer : D. Butchart
"Discount Sedan & Limousine pick up my my wife, son and Me and dropUs off at the Airport, They were on time, Brand new Black Lincoln, Driver was well Dress in Black Suit and tie very Professional and responsiveness to all our needs and had already checked the traffic and knew the directions to the Airport , Discount Limousine had the best price compared to all the other services on and offer a Brand New Car, They are by far the Best Service on for the Quality of Service, you will not regret going with Discount Sedan & Limousine for all your Transportation needs , I recommend this Company."


10/07/2013 Customer : R. Laroche
"We were very surprised when our flight arrived early and so did our driver Julius. The car was marked for our party and he arrived at the curb the same time we did with our luggage. He loaded our bags and we were on our way to our destination. On the return trip to the airport we had Julius again, and again he was wonderful. Very professional and prompt. We have ALWAYS rented a car for our vacations in Southern California and decided that we just wanted to relax from arrival to departure. Using Discount Sedan and Limo was wonderful. From the time we arrived in Long Beach to the time we departed we were relaxed and did not have any stress driving or renting a car. We love these people. We will be using them again. For and on time pick up and drop off and professional, safe and courteous driver, and no stress - use Discount Sedan and Limo. We will again. Thanks Julius - see you soon. "


09/25/2013 Customer : R. Glendenning
"Our driver was Parris. He arrived early with an immaculate car for us for our trip to lax. He was very personable and informative and well dressed. Everything was first class as advertised. Will use this company again when in the area. Thanks Bob"


09/24/2013 Customer : E. Tula
"Call HERE & THERE ON TIME TRANSPORTS parade courteous, professional, fully uniformed Limousine drivers that will be early to meet you in the airport arrivals lounge or curbside and ready to assist you with your baggage to the limousine or executive car . Call then today (310) 292-1147"


09/05/2013 Customer : A. Santelli
"Parris was our driver, and we couldn't have asked for any better. He was early, extremely courteous upon our arrival and drove safely. Parris was engaging, funny and kind; he started our California vacation off on an excellent note."


09/02/2013 Customer : S. Wright
"First off, I would like to recommend this company to anyone who needs transportation. They were nice, friendly, prompt, professional and most of all efficient. I would rate them A+++!!! The new black Lincoln Towncar and well dressed Driver in a black suit was just like they said when I order and showed up 20 minutes early and new the quickest route to the airport. Out of all the Limousine Services I have used for business travel I would say Discount Sedan & Limousine is the best service hands down, I will not be going to any other Limo company."


08/12/2013 Customer : G. Raiti
"great service arrived a little early which was good"


05/30/2013 Customer : W. Trant
"Was waiting for me out front early. Nice car, nice guy. Will definitely use Discount Sedan and Limousine again. "


05/30/2013 Customer : W. Trant
"On time, nice car, nice driver. Couldn't be happier. Thanks Randy!"


04/27/2013 Customer : B. Jasper
"Discount Sedan & Limo is "discount" only in name and price. Their service and vehicle quality is outstanding and better than many other more expensive services I have used. I hired them to drive me from Irvine to LAX and to home after I returned. My driver Randy was professional and curious, and the executive-style SUV was very well-maintained. Randy arrived at my house early on the outbound flight and met me in the terminal for the return fight. I will definitely hire this service again and highly recommend it"


03/28/2013 Customer : D. King
"I booked a round trip Long Beach Airport to and from Anaheim Disneyland on 3/18/2013 and 3/20/2013, it was Me my Granddaughter and Daughter first time to Disneyland and ever hiring a private car service, I was so amazed at the Airport when the Driver pulled up in a brand new shinny black Lincoln Towncar with are name sign in the window, ontime well dressed in a black suit and so professional, He help us with our bags not only in the car but He help taking them in the hotel, the price was very good and I would recommend this company to everybody . "


03/28/2013 Customer : G. Negrete
"Excellent and friendly service from the office and driver. Would use again and would recommend to others, they are supergreat."


03/28/2013 Customer : G. Sowell
"Discount Sedan & Limousine was very friendly and professional, they handle all the transportation for two rock bands at BB KINGS. We were very satisfied with the service and the price."


03/28/2013 Customer : R. Watkins
"I would and recommend others to use this company. We are very satisfied with the professional service we received and the overall experience was outstanding."


03/28/2013 Customer : A. G
"I must say, this limo service was awesome! At first, I was unaware of the tax and gas fee... but when I called the receptionist was great. She thoroughly explained all expenses. I was very impressed with the service and timing! I will definitely be calling Vern again to be our driver. He was very courteous and friendly. Thank you so much for making our experience memorable!"


03/28/2013 Customer : D. Wong
"All the staff were incredibly friendly as well as professional, A true gem in the limousine service... looking forward to use this company for all my needs, we highly recommened them to everybody.."


03/28/2013 Customer : M. Maquinn
"Excellent and friendly service from the office staff to the limo, the driver and also the price, they delivered just what they said they would, five star service and I recommend this limousine service to everyone."


03/28/2013 Customer : G. M
"This company was responsive, helpful, courteous, and quite exceptional in service in helping me surprise my man for his 60th birthday! Our driver, Cedric was fully accommodating in all of my special requests and so thoughtful. He called to check our arrival, and waited while we searched for lost luggage. The limo was LOADED with extras. A one-hour drive turned into an almost 3-hour drive due to rain and traffic, but he was unhurried, unannoyed, calm... and therefore so were we! We loved him and Discount Limo!"



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