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We cater to over 350 weddings a year. in our wedding packages we include complimentary champagne, bottled water, glasses, napkins, ice, & a red carpet roll-out. we also offer shuttle service for your guests to and from a hotel and reception site. call for details!

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Reviews for Bvip Limousine Service Ltd - 8 reviews

08/10/2011 Customer : J. waring
"THE WORST. Our limo did not have working windshield wipers. Our driver was nice and told us not to worry althought it was pouring at night. This was for a bachlorette party, we apparently were trying to kill the bride prior to her day. Driver gave us more time since we had to take back roads downtown- if this was a wedding I couldn't even imagine. BUT THEN I was told I would get my deposit back the following week when I called (with no apologies or discounts for the service mind you). I was told it was refunded and would be 5 business days. I wait 3 weeks and nothing. I called 4 times and was told Vicki would call me back. On my 5th call I get Vicki who tells me I was refunded yesterday and it was overlooked. Well why tell me 3 weeks before that I was refunded? I brought up this point to her and she flipped out ON ME! You lied to me about refunding my money, never called me back, and have the nerve. NEVER AGAIN. "
Limo Service Response: " Another typical example of customer trying to get something for nothing they spent 2 extra hours in the club and tried not to pay for extra time, If they knew the limo had no wipers why would you get in the limo when another limo was on the way within 35min. There was an apology and they were refunded their deposit and not charged for the extra 2 hours time spent in the club. If the driver felt it was unsafe he would not have continued driving. He pulled over replaced the fuse and it took care of the problem , They should of also been charged a cleanup fee the limo was trashed. They should have had some respect for the limo."

10/18/2010 Customer : L. Campian
"This weekend we celebrated my husbands birthday and decided to rent a limo from BVIP. When they picked us up at the restaraunt our whole party of 14 people was estatic to see a huge Lincoln Navigator limo waiting for us. It was so cool that complete strangers were surrounding it and wanting to see inside, which made us look awesome and the inside was SA-WEEET! Our driver Barb was extremely nice, very personable, and made the whole night fun. She made sure no one was left behind anywhere (thank God for Barb or we would have lost a few) We didn't really have a set plan and she was very patient while we all tried to figure out where to go after each stop. Everyone in our party called the next day to say it was the best time they ever had and we are all planning our next night out with BVIP! The men were super impressed when Barb backed the huge limo into our long narrow driveway at the end of the night. I know none of them could do that. You should definately use BVIP for a night to remember! They had the best rates, best service, and best driver that I've ever experienced."