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04/27/2015 Customer : M. Loomis
"EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED - My wife and I and 3 other adult couples had a wine tour booked for months. I confirmed everything a couple of weeks before and then the night before our tour was suppose to take place. Our tour was booked from 11 to 5 and we had pre-paid and everything was set up. Then at 10:30AM I received a call and said that due to car troubles they were going to be late and not be able to pick us up until 12:45 to 1PM. Disappointed but, with no other options, I said OK we will see you then. I called again at 12:30 to confirm they were coming. They said they were on their way but, it would be more like 1:15PM. Again, disappointed but, not other options and I said OK. 1:30PM came and went and no sign of them and no call. So, I started calling the driver and the office. Neither phone number would pick up after placing 4 to 5 calls each. I then called to inform them. They called on my behalf. got ahold of Ace and then called me back. informed me that Ace was not going to be able to pick us up today and they would refund our money. I'm a patient and understanding person. My issue is not that they supposedly had a car issue. My issue is that I was told the day before our event and twice the day of our event that they were coming and everything was fine. Then almost 3 hours after our original start time I can not get a hold of them and they will not call me. They just left us hanging. If had not gotten a hold of them I doubt they ever would have called. If they would have simply called us and been upfront....we would have had a chance to get another ride or at least start out earlier on our wine tour in our own cars. Instead we sat for hours waiting for them and they never showed up or even called. All they had to to was let us know. Just a phone call. We would have been disappointment but, could have made adjustments. Instead our day was ruined."


06/10/2013 Customer : N. Moreau
"Just got off the phone with "Ace" who decided to berate me for writing a previous negative review, that contained nothing but factual information. I advise any one seeking transportation service in the Austin-area to avoid this company due to the poor quality of service matched with the questionable ethical choices of the staff. "