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05/01/2015 Customer : P. Shoemaker
"The driver swerved, slammed on brakes and aggressively accelerated constantly. We ended up nauseous. "


04/04/2015 Customer : J. Geers
"I would give a zero rating if allowed. Here are the lowlights. - Limo was 10 minutes late. Lucky our flight was delayed. - We live in the hills. Driver was speeding around very sharp curves We told the driver there was no hurry yet he contined to drive in a way that made us feel very uncomfortable the entire trip. Felt like he was late for another appointment. - We were driving south on highway 280 in tht left lane when our driver realized he was about to miss the highway 880 exit. Driver suddenly crossed 3 lanes of traffic, driving over the exit median to get to the exit This was the opposite of what we expected of a limo ride. We were so shaken after the ride, it took us several minutes to calm down after we were dropped off."
Limo Service Response: "These customers were very demanding and controlling from the very beginning. When one our drivers was 5 minutes away they starting calling the driver and back to back. My driver said he will be there in 5 to 10 minutes as they live in top of the hills with narrow zig zag roads. when he reached there they were not outside but had their luggage ready. so the driver put their luggage inside the car and they came out after 5 to 7 minutes.driver was trained to follow the GPS and he made a left turn and they immediately started telling him you should have taken right and then made him take a you turn saying this road is this and that . they started confusing the driver do this do that and husbend is saying some thing and wife saying some thing and confusing the driver and making him nervous. with lot of controlling all the way untill airport saying park here park there my driver felt relief when they reached airport. he took their luggage out and put on top of curb and politely said have a safe flight and left. Driver don't feel servicing such a controlling and confusing clients again.."